Friday, December 24, 2010

Flashback Friday 1.0

♥♥Just a reminder that I'm on a bloggie break but please still leave me a comment...I'll be picking random comments from my scheduled blog posts and slinging out some candy♥♥

Original post can be found HERE

I thought it might be fun to do a "flashback friday"....repost an earlier card that I've made...
This card is the first card that I ever posted on my blog on November 6, 2007!

Okay, I cheated a smidge and lightened up the pic a bit...good grief...that lamp base in the pic....what was I thinking??!!!
What about you? Care to share your first card that you posted on your blog?
Let's make this fun, shall we?!!! 

Re-Upload your first card that you posted on your blog and leave me a linkie....out of all the brave souls that do this, I'll use to pick a winner of some fun blog candy:) I'll give you until August 20th @ 11:59 pm PDT to leave me a linkie...I'll post the winner on my blog on Saturday, August 21st....Oh I can't wait to see what you share...muwahahaha...

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