Friday, November 4, 2011

Flashback Friday 17.0!!!

Hello Hello!

Welcome to the latest Flashback Friday Challenge!  This is number 17.0...and I couldn't be more all started when one Friday back in 2010, I didn't have a card to post on my blog....more deets on that in a smidge.

First up I wanted to introduce my Super Sponsor!!!!

a muse studio consultant

Here's a bit about a muse studio:

Over a decade has passed since the very first A Muse catalog was mailed from the front steps of Linda's Seattle home. Since then, A Muse has grown from the 31 stamps in that first catalog to the complete creative solution you see today.
As we look ahead (and look forward!) to the future, the creative women behind A Muse Studio remain dedicated to bringing you the same quality products and unparalleled customer service we've always been known for.

Mary Dawn has picked these wonderful a muse studio goodies for the Flashback Friday 17.0 Prize:

Harvest Blessings

French Roast Pearls

EXcellent!  For more information about a muse studios check out Mary Dawn's site HERE.  Make sure you also pop over to her personal blog, My Pink Mexico....that girl can craft up a storm!

Thanks so much for being my Spectacular Sponsor Mary Dawn!!!

Next we have my Guest Designer for Flashback Friday 17.0

Here's a bit about Sylvia:

I have been a crafter for at least 45 years. I love all crafts but started card making about 6 years ago. I try to make at least one card a day. I love the interaction with other bloggers who share the love of craft. I started making die cut banners in 2008 when I got my Big Shot and dies. It opened a whole new world for me. Hope you enjoy the challenge.

Yup, you guessed it...our challenge for Flashback Friday 17.0 is 

your first banner
can be on a card or a hanging banner for the holiday

Check out that glorious banner of Sylvia' was posted in 2008...2008 people....WOW!!!!  Be sure to check out Sylvia's blog for more deets about her Flashback project: I know there are going to be a TON of you that can link up...banners are all the rage....personally, I adore them.

I went back into my bloggie archives and found this bannerific card:

It originally posted in September 2009 and was for a 365 Cards challenge {hi girls!!!}.  Even back then, I loved to combine colors and I do today.  Do you see something missing that I ordinarily do on my cards today?  STITCHING...there is no stitching around the card...there is a smidge of stitching for the banner...but good grief, that card just looks nakey to me...LOL.

Okay, so here's the dealio...I tend to blog 7 days a week and when I didn't have something new to blog about, I'd do a Flashback...that's how this whole challenge site was started.

Flashback Friday 1.0 was to show your first blog post.....well, how appropriate is that for this particular challenge because my first blog post was on November 6, 2007....Yuppers...on Sunday I will be celebrating my 4th Blogaversary!!!!

Seriously, I can't believe that it has been 4 years since I started reality it seems that I've been blogging my whole adult life:)  I mean that in a good way....I can't imagine what things would be like if I hadn't discovered this crazy hobby...I absolutely enjoy it....the paper crafting community is wonderful, don't you agree?

So in celebration of my upcoming Blogaversary, I will draw a random person that links up their first Banner project by Sunday, November 6th @ 11:59 pm PST and send them a box 'o goodies...this is of course open to my international buddies too:)

So whatcha waiting for?

Link up!

Flashback Friday 17.0 runs until November 25, 2011, 11:59 pm


scrappin2babygirls said...

Fun!! I loved making my first banner.. I've only ever actually made a few even though i really like the way they all turn out.. and happy blogaversary!! :D

farmhouse-story said...

love your card, sylvia! happy blog bday, amy!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeeeeeeeee this idea!! And loving both projects!! I have been blogging since 09/07!! Another soul sista moment! :):):):):):):):):):):)

jen said...

SO FUN!!!! :) Happy blogaversary too! :)

Nathalie said...

What a great challenge! And Sylvia was definitely ahead of the trend in 2008!!! Off to check my Archives vault! :)

OOOh, and congrats on your 4th year bloganiversary!

Janice said...

congrats on 4 glorious years! Thanks Sylvia for making me use so much energy and on a Friday no less! Great challenge.

Emily Keaton said...

Oh, yay!! It's Flashback Friday day! Thanks to Sylvia for a GREAT challenge. Thanks to Amy for a super blogoversary prize. And thanks to Mary Dawn for an awesome FF prize! I love banners :D.

Congrats on 4 years of blogging, Amy!!

Merry said...

Thanks so much for this fun challenge.....I didn't have very far back to travel for this one. :-) Congrats Amy on four years of blogging. I so agree with you about how much fun it is to share and to see so many creations. So glad that you created this challenge and wish you many more wonderful years.

Sylvia said...

Love your banner, Amy! Even then you colors are bright and cheery. Thanks for starting Flashback Friday, and congrats on 4 years blogging.

Els said...

What a fun challenge!! But I'm not sure if i ever posted a banner on my blog before :? Congrats on your 4 years of blogging!! i've been following at least half of that term ;)

Barb Turpin said...

Hi Amy! Congrats on four years! I just looked back to find out when I posted my first blog...two years next month. Your Flashback Friday feature is so much fun...what memories it brings up!

Amy C said...

So fun!! I just love banners and I really *should* use them more often on my projects. I posted my first banner card and it is still one of my all time favorites. Thanks for the fab challenge Syliva and Happy Blogaversary Amy!! ♥ said...

Happy Blogversary!!! I am still LOLing about this challenge :>) Just go see...

Sukie said...

Congratulations on 4 years of blogging, that is amazing. I have a fairly new blog and am totally inspired by you. So for the challenge, I only had to go back to last week since that was my first banner projects, kinda funny. Thanks for the fun challenge.

scrappindhilly at gmail dot com

Janetcraft said...

HI Amy Happy Blogaversary..of 4 YEARS!!!!!
Woot Woot!!!
I am in the game..with my BANNER!!
Thanks for any chance to win! Love you!

Naomi said...

Amy I can't believe you've been blogging for 4 years! I haven't even hit 1 year, yet! CONGRATULATIONS on your blogaversary!

I have never actually made a banner and put it on a project so, I shared my one and only project with banners on it...but, they are on a DP that I, if you think it doesn't count, no worries, feel free to remove it!


kate blue said...

would've loved to play this time but if you can believe it, I have NEVER made a banner!! Too chicken I guess!! see ya at the next challenge!

Janetcraft said...

hihi Amy, I posted again. Hope you get my picture, gets all right!

Unknown said...

Wow, this was a fun challenge...I couldn't find any 'older' banners till 2010! And SYLVIA, that is one FABulous banner!!! Amy I adore how fun and fabby your card is girlie! Happy blog day too!!!

lauren bergold said...

oh how AWESOME i actually *KNOW* (for once!!!) what my first banner was AND i have pics & post to go with it! YAHOOOOOO!!! (ps: happy blogiversary AND happy 17.0!!!!!!!!!!) ♥♥♥